Windows Products

Use this page to view all of the great product styles we offer. You can also download PDF configuration files.
  • PGT Single Hunt

    * Bottom sash locks available for egress or handicap requirements
    * Adjustable, pre-tension spiral balances with color coordinated balance covers
    * Nylon reinforcing wind clips
    * Removable operating sashView more
  • PGT Horizontal Roller

    * Egress bar assembly lock option for gress or handicap requirements
    * Removable operating sash
    * Low friction brass rollers in nylon housing
    * Integal pulls on sash stiles for ease of opening
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  • PGT Casement

    * Corrosion resistant coating applied to operators
    * Egress bar assembly lock option for egress or handicap requirements
    * Washable hinge option for ease of cleaning

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  • PGT Fixed Lite Architectural

    * Standard shapes included: picture, full circle, half circle, quarter circle, ellipse, eyebrow, oval, Gothic, arches, hexagon, octagon, and fans.
    * Custom shapes available upon request
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  • PGT French Door

    * Concealed three point lock Raised muntins available
    * Tubular door jab for added strength
    * Bumper threshold to prevent water infiltration Sidelites are availableor pre hung with 7" hinges
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  • PGT French Doors - Series FD750

    * Traditional wood look with a nine inch bottom rail
    * Multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism
    * Prepped for European style hardware (not included)
    * Optional polished gold and satin nickel trimsets are available.
    * Unique, continuous gear hinge.
    * Two different sidelite styles to choose: Full Jamb (shown) matches door profile.
    * Narrow has slimmer sides providing a wider glass area.
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